Ought to be Lovely


Ought to be Lovely is meant to encourage women to be their best and truest selves by sharing fashion, travel, and lifestyle inspiration. I hope to provide an every girl’s guide to making life a little more lovely!


Bonnie Kerr


A Birmingham girl, born and raised, I have an affinity for pastels, florals, and pearls. In 2015 I moved from the sleepy suburbs of Birmingham to Auburn, Alabama to study Marketing at Auburn University.

In April 2017, after going back and forth about it for what seemed like months, I decided to start my own blog as an outlet for creativity and a way to put all of those marketing skills I’d been learning to good use. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so I spent many long nights researching, designing my website, and trying to understand blogging terms that all kind of sounded like a foreign language to me.

The amazing thing is that, somewhere in the middle of all that, my little project became my passion. Now there is nothing more satisfying or fun for me than thinking of new style inspiration or planning a social media push . Working on Ought to be Lovely has brought me such joy because now I get to share the things I love with all of you!

I chose the name Ought to be Lovely because I firmly believe that life is as beautiful as you make it and it should be absolutely lovely. To me that means always playing dress up, embracing opportunities, and choosing to be happy, kind, and gracious. I am so thankful for your support and I can’t wait to share my story with you!

xxoo Bonnie