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A Day Trip To Florence

October 12, 2017
side street in the city of Florence

This summer I was so thankful to be staying in Rome, but I knew that if I was going to be anywhere nearby Florence then I had to go and visit. The small city certainly did not disappoint! On only my second day in Italy I hopped on a train and headed through Tuscany to […]

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My Favorite Travel Outfit

May 8, 2017
Bonnie sits on a chair in the airport. Her travel outfit is made up of an olive green and white striped tank with a camel colored jacket, black jeans, floral patterned ballet flats, and is holding a back and white Kate Spade tote bag.

When I travel I seem to have absolutely no trouble filling my suitcase with pretty dresses, cute shoes, and probably way too many accessories. For the longest time the only outfit I seemed to have trouble planning was the one I was going to travel in! Luckily, I finally figured out exactly what pieces of my wardrobe make up my favorite travel outfit and…

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