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Yellow Shirt Dress

June 2, 2017
yellow linen shirt dress belted with a bow and a black and cream colored kate spade cross body purse with a pink, orange, and cream colored scarf tied to it.

Ciao everybody! So I have officially survived my first two days in Italy and they have been so wonderful! On the first day, the girls that I traveled with and I got unpacked and explored the local area around our apartment. Then the day after that we hopped on a train to Florence. I knew that my first trip into Italy called for something special so I donned this adorable yellow shirt dress and set on my way. Yellow has been one of my favorite colors this summer so I was very excited to wear my dress out and about!

close up of yellow shirt dress sunglasses bow

yellow shirt dress standing in front of the Duomo with Kate Spade purse and pink scarf

The dress is linen which made it perfect for the warm summer weather and I loved that it tied in a cute bow in the front. I tend to break and lose things (oops) so for my trip to Europe I left my nice sunglasses at home and brought this less expensive pair by Jones New York and they were actually so wonderful. I got them at TJ Maxx for only $10 so I would definitely recommend checking there if you want a cute but inexpensive pair for the summer!

black and cream Kate Spade purse with silk scarf tied to the strap against the Florence sunset

Since we were only in Florence for the day I knew we had a lot of walking ahead of us. I wore comfy shoes and brought this Kate Spade cross body purse because it’s easy to carry, it’s super cute, and wearing your purse across your body instead of on your shoulder makes it more difficult for people to pickpocket you. Here is a newer version of the bag that I really love. I tied this colorful Vince Camuto silk scarf to my bag to finish the look! Mine isn’t being sold anymore, but you can find similar ones here and here.

Having the scarf with me wasn’t just an accessory, it was really useful for keeping me warm on chilly train rides and in restaurants. It was also really important for sightseeing because in a lot of the old churches in Europe you need to have your shoulders or knees covered. Carry a scarf with you and if one of those moments arise you can just wrap it around you and explore to your heart’s content!

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